Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps and Collage Maker Collection

iPhone Photo Editing + Collage Maker Apps

With a plethora of advanced photo editing apps, everyone has became a photographer. Whether you want to edit picture for Facebook, Instagram or any other reason, photo editing apps will be very handy tool. Pictures in normal camera are okay kind of stuff. However, if you want to go ahead and add some filters and dazzling effects, then the below collection of best iPhone photo editing apps will help you a lot. Editing images using these apps can amazingly improve visual impact. Editing can turn any ordinary image to an amazingly looking professional photos that you can flaunt on your Instagram or Facebook account. Heck, it can be used as your DP or profile image too. There are plenty of iPhone photo editing apps and collage makers available in the market, so which one to try? Let’s find out.

iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Below iPhone photo editing apps are featured in no particular order. Android users can also go through some of the good photo collage maker apps collection. The list of iPhone photo editing apps are below.

  1. Snapseed
  2. VSCO
  3. Collage maker
  • iCollages
  • Photo Grid

Most of them are offering editing functionality as well. We will describe all of above apps in details.


Snapseed is one of the most recommended and used app across the market. It consists of all the tools that make your picture from nice to awesome. It is also available on an Android platform. You can download Snapseed for PC as well.


Snapseed provides brush tools to make adjustment at highly advanced level as well as for removing unwanted things it offers healing tool too. Snapseed comprises of varieties of well made and creative filters that can be used to add blur effects, enhance the images and apply textures. It’s worth using as it gives excellent resulting technique such as cropping, sharpening color adjustments. Snapseed is available for free in the market.

Download Here


VSCO also functions as a camera app. It comprises of huge collection of filters and editing tools. VSCO is big company with reputation of creating unique film emulation that is used with Adobe Lightroom.



VSCO’s filters are designed to for modern analog films. The new slightly faded and soft look of many filters are becoming popular among the iPhone photographers. The filter’s intensity can be adjusted according to your convenience and it also provides a highly adjustments and editing tools. VSCO is available for free in the market.

Download Here

Collage maker

iCollages – photo collage maker and editor

icollage is one of the best from the market. It has powerful photo editing suite and over 50 amazing customizable collage templates. iCollage provides you feature for increasing or decreasing the size of each block according to your taste. iCollage has stunning ready mate collage templates. It also allows you to share the images at one go. It includes image retouching, editing functions and social sharing.


iCollage is available for free in the market.

Download Here

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is one of the most powerful collage makers in the iphone photo editing apps market. It comes with 310+ photo collage layouts. It supports both iPhone and iPad. Photo Grid consists of amazing features like face beautifications and collage layouts. It also provides prank cam to generate funny photos, editing tools and photo decoration tools. Photo Grid provides 110+ cool backgrounds 600+ fonts and 550+ stickers.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid provides photo filters and video slideshow make tool. It’s one of the most highly recommended app for editing and collage making. It is available in the iTunes market.

Download Here

Photo editing is a great way to enhance and improve your image but there are plenty of apps available for that. Few of the top photo grid collage making apps for Android, iPhone and Windows PC are already covered on our blog. Since it is highly focused on best free photo editing apps, you will find it much more useful. Hope this article proves to be helpful for you.

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